SOL FEELM Watermelon


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Not compatible with first generation SOL device, this new pod requires SOL FEELM Device.

Remember the fresh taste of cold watermelon on a hot summer day? Well, you can have that unique taste every day by purchasing SOL FEELM watermelon pods. With just a click on a button, you can order the watermelon pods and enjoy a leakage-free vaping experience.

The FEELM revolutionary technology allows for a juicier yet fresh taste compared to other manufacturers’ vapes. Forget about the burnt taste and weaker vapour productions when the battery is low — SOL FEELM pods are consistent and high-quality.

Details: SOL FEELM Pod Watermelon 

If you have used the first-generation devices, you won’t need to worry about losing the familiar watermelon taste. You can look forward to an enhanced flavour of watermelon with the new SOL FEELM device. 

One pack consists of 3ml of vaping juice or two pods of 1.5ml. The nicotine levels remain unchanged — 5%. You will get around 360 puffs per pod, which is equal to a pack of cigarettes. 

You will need to purchase the new SOL FEELM device if you want to get the novel, richer taste of watermelon. The FEELM pods are not compatible with vape pods from previous generations. We have an amazing deal for you — currently, the price is only $12.95.

The difference between the old and the new watermelon pods is in the overall experience of vaping. You will get a more vibrant, fuller taste of watermelon while not experiencing any leaks or burnt taste. The watermelon flavour is present from the first to the last puff. 

By ordering a full kit, you will get all the necessary equipment, including a micro-USB charger. You can also use the device while it’s charging — it’s completely safe, and it won’t additionally heat up.

Watermelon Flavour — Sweet and Cooling

If you like a mixture of different flavours, then watermelon is the right choice for you. The FEELM watermelon pod has the sweet taste of a watermelon, but you can feel hints of the fresh, icy taste. It’s a perfect combination of sweet and minty.

You won’t go wrong if you opt for the innovative technology that comes with SOL FEELM watermelon pods. Users enjoy the level of nicotine, taste, and the overall durability of the new FEELM pods. 

Our customers can testify to the refreshing taste of watermelon FEELM pods. Don’t take our word for it — read many positive reviews by scrolling down. 

We deliver the pods to your front door — free shipping for our Canadian customers.