SOL Pods Strawberry Lychee Flavor (4ml)

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Strawberry Pods

Tropical Strawberry Lychee. 

Each Strawberry Pod contains approximately 2ml with 5% nicotine by weight. Each pack contains two SOL Pods.

Better Value Than JUUL Strawberry pods.

(which is much higher than 2.8ml if you get 4 packs of JUUL pods which are 0.7ml each)

Better Device and Better Design get the SOL Kit here.


If you love juicy flavors for vaping, you will be glad to know that the company called SOL makes the finest fruit-flavored strawberry and other pods on the market.

One of their best-selling products right now comes in the form of strawberry lychee pods.

Thanks to the unique formula made by industry specialists from California, strawberry lychee pods are something you can’t taste anywhere else. The pods represent better value than most JUUL compatible pods out there, as they are affordable, yet made with immaculate care and pristine quality.

Read on to learn what you will get when you order this product.

Strawberry Lychee Pods Details

The Strawberry Pods SOL pack contains two cartridges with 2 ml of e-liquid per cartridge. That is much more than JUUL pods that are only 0.7 ml each.

Moreover, these JUUL compatible pods with strawberry lychee can give you more than 360 tasty puffs. One pod is supposed to represent the equivalent of one pack of cigarettes.

Strawberry Pods can be easily inserted into the device, while the device itself is charged with a micro USB charger that comes with the kit. If you have any issues setting up the device, you can check out the user manual that comes with the kit as well.

The manufacturers of strawberry lychee pods used natural nicotine salts when making this flavor. Each pod is enriched with 5% of nicotine by weight, which is equivalent to 50 milligrams.

Strawberry Lychee Pods Review

There are many exotic vape flavors you can find online, but our pod store gives you a chance to try something truly original. By mixing two fruit flavors, strawberry and lychee, guys from SOL found an ideal combination that resulted in a unique tropical taste.

The formula is original and you won’t find any pods that taste the same as this one.

People love these pods too — strawberry lychee is one of our best-selling products. Users also said that the taste was pleasant and that it had a solid throat hit to it. More importantly, customers reported that this and other SOL pods helped them in their efforts to quit smoking for good.

Order and try this flavor today, and, if you wish, write your own strawberry lychee pods review — we will be very happy to post it on our site.

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Karen P.
Great flavor

Great service. Excellent product

rob t.
Canada Canada

Very fast delivery and ease of ordering. Great service and product!

Ally G.
Canada Canada
Best flavour yet.

I have been using SOL for a while now and have tried most of the flavours. Definitely I like the strawberry lichee the best. Good, full flavour and good throat hit. Thankyou. I will continue to choose SOL and this flavour.

Owen M.
Canada Canada
Sol strawberry pods

Really enjoy the strawberry pods. Maple Vape has been great to deal with very fast delivery.

Chas R.
Great tasting flavor

I really like the new Strawberry Lychee flavor, has that sweet fruity taste. Mango is still my favorite though, but this one is a close second.