Not compatible with first generation SOL device, this new pod requires SOL FEELM Device.

You can purchase the new SOL FEELM device for $1 when you purchase any two SOL FEELM pods. For details SOL $1 Device Deal.

Introducing SOL FEELM pods with no-leakage and smoother taste.
Flavor Note: Rich Robust Tobacco
Includes: 2 x 1.5mL FEELM Pods

The revolutionary SOL FEELM pod is the perfect choice for smokers that want to switch to a more polished alternative. You will get the real taste of tobacco without the need of lighting a new cigarette. The SOL FEELM pod is an excellent way to help you quit smoking, with the tobacco flavour being an absolute best-seller.

Details: SOL Pod Tobacco Flavour

Buy a pack of SOL tobacco flavour pods, and you’ll get two pods — each one containing 1.5 ml of juice. You will get 3 ml in one pack for $12.95 (current price).

One pod is expected to last as long as one pack of cigarettes, which means it will save you money! Each pod contains around 50 mg of nicotine, which is equal to 5% — more than enough to last you for about 360 puffs. 

The unique materials used in designing this tobacco juice have made this pocket-size vape an ultimate favourite product among our customers. Each flavour, including the real tobacco flavour, is based on nicotine salts. All pod cartridges are pre-filled and disposable.

Tobacco Flavour — Our Best-Seller

It’s no secret that the classic tobacco flavour is closest to our customers’ hearts! With the SOL FEELM pods, you will get the authentic taste of tobacco without your taste buds being burnt.

If you’re trying to quit smoking but haven’t used SOL pods before, the tobacco flavour is the right choice for you. You won’t feel as if you were smoking a vape, but you will keep yourself on a cleaner path. If you aren’t familiar with vapes and this is your first time using one, select the classic taste of tobacco — you won’t regret it!

All our pod flavours were based on elaborate research to provide the best possible options to our customers. The flavours that rated highly among users were further tested, which led to tobacco taking the top spot in our taste test. These cigarette alternatives please thousands of customers around the globe daily.

Lucky for you, there are other taste alternatives if you would like to stay clear of tobacco. If you’re more of a fruity type of person, take your pick among mango, watermelon, mystery pop, and strawberry lychee. There is an additional choice for menthol lovers — spearmint.

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Kathryn H.
Canada Canada

Easy to buy glad they had stock!

Kate H.
Canada Canada

Maple Vape is so easy to shop with. Had a faulty vape and they replaced it without question - 10/10 customer service.

Robyn R.
Canada Canada
love the flavour

Maple Vape's customer service is excellent. Had an oops with my order and was able to find a solution with the agent, no problem!

Robyn R.
Canada Canada
Great service!

Had an easy time with my purchase and received it within a week of ordering. Simple.