SOL Pods Mystery Pop Flavor (4ml)

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Mystery Pop Flavor.

Each SOL pod contains approximately 2ml with 5% nicotine by weight. Each pack contains two SOL pods.

Better Value Than JUUL PODS.

(which is much higher than 2.8ml if you get 4 packs of JUUL pods which are 0.7ml each)

Better Device and Better Design get the SOL Kit here.


Some things are better left unknown, and that’s exactly what the manufacturers of SOL vape products had in mind when they released their delicious new flavor called Mystery Pop. These pods are full of secrets, which is implied by the pack that only features a picture of three question marks and nothing else. 

Telling you which flavors exactly were used for making this product wouldn't be fun at all, so you’ll have to guess yourself. As soon as you inhale it for the first time, you will get some notion as to what may have been used for creating this flavor. All we can say is that it will provide you with a delicious and mouth-watering vape experience.

Because of this, SOL Mystery Pop is not only a simple vaping pod but also a discovery game, as each puff will leave you wondering. The throat hit is quite nice and smooth, yet the taste is also sharp and holds a little bit of tartness as well. Even when you read Mystery Pop pods review pages, you will notice that people praise the flavor, but no one can quite pinpoint what it is exactly.

Mystery Pop Pods Details

There are two Mystery Pop pods you get per package. That doesn’t seem like much, but when you realize that each pod consists of 2 ml of e-liquid, you will understand that the value of this product is much better compared to what the competition is offering. The typical pack of JUUL consists of four pods, but they are only 0.7 ml each. Moreover, note that the e-juice is top-shelf and made by Californian experts.

The nicotine level is 5% by weight and natural nicotine salts have been used in the process of making these pods. The pods should last you for quite some time, as each of them is supposed to represent one cigarette pack. Don’t worry about battery life either, as the device holds a 350mAH battery that should last you for many hours. If the battery is low, you can charge the device using a micro USB charger. You can also enjoy vaping your Mystery Pop pods while the device is charging.

Mystery Pop Pods Review

While you won’t know exactly what you’re getting when you order Mystery Pop pods, one thing is for sure — you will enjoy the flavor. These pods represent a great way to quit smoking as well. Many people who tried this and other flavors from SOL say that it has helped them in their efforts to leave cigarettes and start vaping instead.

Our Mystery Pop Pods review section is full of praise for the flavor and the device itself. If this is not something you’re looking for and you wish to try something else, you’ll be happy to know that SOL pods come in various other flavors such as tobacco, mango, strawberry lychee, spearmint, and more.

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Paul P.
Canada Canada

Got my Sol pods and super happy with it just like the disposable ones the pods rock!!! Customer service was top notch also which is super important!!!!! Repeat customer for sure !!! Hope they will get back in stock Strawberry Cream it rocks along with Mystery Pops

Lori N.
Best product yet

Love the flavour and will buy again. Shipping was fast with only two days during the holidays. Thank you.

cecilia c.
Love these pods

The pods last much longer and are alot cheaper then juul! While maintaining the same flavour quality. Glad I made the switch!

Cassandra S.
Try it

Great new flavor, Love the sweetness! Thanks Sol!