SOL Pods Classic Tobacco Flavor (4ml)


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Rich Robust Tobacco Flavor. Our best seller. 

Each SOL pod contains approximately 2ml with 5% nicotine by weight. Each pack contains two SOL pods.

Better Value Than JUUL PODS.

(which is much higher than 2.8ml if you get 4 packs of JUUL pods which are 0.7ml each)

Better Device and Better Design get the SOL Kit here.


SOL Tobacco Classic Flavor Pods

If you are determined to quit smoking and switch to a cleaner alternative, there isn’t a better option for you than to try classic tobacco pods from SOL. 

SOL vaping device is compatible with delicious tobacco pods and it is your ideal cigarette substitute and the best solution on the market right now. The taste will be almost the same, and you will be able to quit smoking in no time.There are plenty of flavors to choose from among SOL pods, but classic tobacco pods seem to be favorites among ex-smokers.

Tobacco Flavored SOL Pods Details

By buying a pack of tobacco flavored SOL pods you will get two 2 ml pods. That means that the total juice amount in a pack is 4 ml, which is 1.2 ml more than what you get with JUUL pod packs that contain four pods with 0.7 ml each. Pod cartridges come in brown, representing the natural color of tobacco leaf.

Each pod is enriched with 5% nicotine by weight, or 50 mg. One pod should be equal to a single pack of cigarettes. That means that the cartridge will last you for quite some time, as you will get to enjoy around 360 puffs per pod, and between 700 and 800 puffs per package. The tobacco e-juice is designed by industry specialists from California and it has a unique taste. Natural nicotine salts were used in the manufacturing process of the product.

The SOL device itself is powered by a 350mAH battery that can last you throughout the day. Also, a micro USB charger makes it easy to fill up the device and vape on the go.

Classic Tobacco SOL Pods Review

There are several reasons why SOL classic tobacco pods are our best-selling products. There are plenty of JUUL compatible pods with classic tobacco on the market, but SOL pods seem to be doing a lot better than the competition.

The making of these pods wasn’t rushed, and the company did many research tests before putting the product for sale. The result is a rich and robust tobacco flavor that is ideal for those who would like to quit smoking and find the best possible alternative

This perfect cigarette substitute has found plenty of satisfied customers all over the world. However, if you would like to try something apart from tobacco, you will be glad to hear that SOL also makes pods with various fruit flavors like mango, watermelon, strawberry lychee, and more.

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Justin R.

I quit smoking with SOL

I LOVE the SOL tobacco pods. I love their strawberry cream & mystery pop but the tobacco flavor is my ultimate favorite . I quit smoking using this product and I wish People would buy one & try it because if it helped me it can help you. Seriously, I’d like to work for this company, I have turned a lot of people on to this thing. Get the limited edition white device, the battery light indicator is improved & turns red when it gets low. Best value for any pod system, good amount of juice which actually equals a pack of smokes, unlike a “Juul” pod. Let me tell you something, SOL has way better juices than”Juul”, more tasty & fun flavors yet still, the tobacco itself is like a desert! These devices are so great, I am very stoked about my new white device, I have a regular one also. But the white one is better because of the indicator. There’s NO WAY any other closed pod system even holds a candle to a SOL. Look at my Facebook, I promote this device because I am so thrilled about being able to quit cigarettes on a product worth it’s nic-salt. Please switch to this, it’s 95% healthier than smoking & it works!

Lori N.

Best product yet

So far Im loving my sol. I have used larger vapes and prefer this one. Flavors are great and shipping was fast with only two days over the holidays.

Indy B.

Reason to throw away JULE

The taste, vapour production, and ease of use dont need to say more........

Patrick Z.

I dont smoke anymore.

Tried sol sept 1st after smoking 20 years @ 1 pack a day. Its dec 27th and i still haven't has a single smoke!!

Becky D.

SOL tobacco flavor is the

SOL tobacco flavor is the best one out there! Product received as promised in timely manner. Highly recommended!