SOL Pods Mango Flavor (4ml)

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Ripe Succulent Mango Pods. (mango juul pods alternative)

Each SOL pod contains approximately 2ml with 5% nicotine by weight. Each pack contains two SOL pods.

Better Value Than Mango JUUL PODS.

(which is much higher than 2.8ml if you get 4 packs of JUUL pods which are 0.7ml each)

Better Device and Better Design get the SOL Kit here.



There are several fruit flavored SOL pods you can purchase right now, but if you’re going for something fresh and exotic, you should definitely try the incredible mango flavored one. Mango pods from SOL are a tasty alternative to smoking, and you can buy a couple of them today for a reasonably low price.

You will feel the delicious and juicy mango flavor with every puff, and it will taste almost as good as the real fruit. Try one of SOL’s mango pods and see why many vapers out there consider this one of their favorite flavors.

SOL Mango Pods Details

Our Mango Pods review section might help you understand how much and why people praise this product, but we would like to share with you some details about this vaping device as well.

Namely, once you buy this product, you will get a pack with two pod cartridges. Each pod is filled with 2 ml of pre-filled mango flavored e-liquid. Compared to other JUUL compatible pods or you can say (mango juul pods alternative), mango pods have 1.3 ml more e-liquid, which means that you will get to enjoy a longer vaping experience for roughly the same price.

Each cartridge represents an equivalent of one cigarette pack. That means you will get up to 400 puffs per cartridge and around 800 puffs per package.

The nicotine concentration of each pod is 5% or 50 ml. In order to achieve a better and more pleasurable flavor, the manufacturers of SOL mango pods used natural nicotine salts.

Mango Pods Review

As we mentioned earlier, mango pods are favorite SOL products to many people. A lot of users report that the taste is well-balanced, in a sense that it’s not too sweet, yet you can feel the actual flavor of mango when you vape. Even if mango is not a fruit you particularly like, the taste of it while vaping is a different story. 

People also enjoy the fact that the pack can last for days and that each puff is as mouth-watering as the next one. Apart from the taste, users seem to be fond of the elegant design and the distinct orange top which represents the color of the fruit.

The team from SOL specialises in fruit flavored vaping products, and apart from mango pods, you can also try other exotic flavors such as watermelon, spearmint, strawberry lychee, mystery pop, and others.

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Lynn R.

Mango Pods

Thank you, there was a mistake in my order, wrong pods have been sent out and received, I contacted Maple Vape and the issue was corrected quickly by re sending correct flavor. Great service

Jared F.
Canada Canada

Everything went good as always

Everything went good as always

Jared F.
Canada Canada


Everything has always been on time and there when they say it’s gonna be

Soumik S.
Canada Canada

Good value for money

As a prior user of JUUL, I found the SOL cartridges to be better value for money. I also prefer the flavor of SOL compared to other products.

rob t.
Canada Canada

Great service!

I had no problem getting the information and product I was looking for. Delivery was almost next day. Really happy.