Save $20 on a New SOL Vape

For a very limited time. We are running a promotion to our first time customers only to get the Premium SOL Vape device for less than $10! The regular retail price for the device is $29.99.

All you need is to get any 4 Packs of SOL PODs and add the SOL device to the cart.

That's it! 

How To Get The SOL Device For $9.99



Some people were having difficulty getting the device for $9.99. Please note the following.

  • The $9.99 Device deal is only for our first time customers only. If you have already got this deal then the code will not work second time.
  • Secondly some visitors did not add the device and 4 SOL POD Packs. You must have 4 SOL POD Packs in your cart to receive the discount.