There are 3 ways you can pay for your order.

  • E-MAIL TRANSFER  (preferred way)

See Below How To Proceed With Your Order.

Step 1 - YOUR CART

Once you have entered the products to your cart then you can click the Checkout Button.



When you click the checkout page you are then taken to the first step of checkout where you enter you information. You can enter the discount code here as well if you have any.

After filling the information click the "Continue to shipping method" Button


Continue CHECKOUT 

Next part of ordering is the shipping method. Based on the information you entered before it will give you your options for shipping.

FREE SHIPPING is available as well if your order value is $99. It will show up if your items in the cart reach $99 or more.

Click the Button that says "Continue to payment method"




If you want to pay using CREDIT CARD or PAYPAL select the first option 

If you want to pay through E-Mail Transfer select the second option as shown in the image below.

Our preferred method is the E-Mail Transfer it is instant and available to all Canadian Customers. but if you want to pay through Credit Card or PayPal then select the first option.


Paying Through PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD

if you selected the first option then you will be taken to the PayPal screen where you have the option to pay using your PayPal or CREDIT CARD.

For PayPal

Use your PayPal email and password to login to your PayPal account and complete the transaction.

For Credit Card

Click the Button at the bottom that says "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" and complete your purchase with Credit Card 


Paying Through E-MAIL TRANSFER

For E-Mail transfer just select the E-Mail Transfer option and complete the purchase.

Once you have completed the purchase send us the total amount through your bank using E-Mail Transfer to our email address and in the notes for the E-mail Transfer put your Order ID so we can easily locate your order.

We are always there to help if you need it. Just contact the live support.