Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ


What Is The Battery Capacity Of The SOL FEELM Device?
The battery capacity of the SOL Vape device is 310 MAH.

How Many Puffs Can The Battery Last?
The battery can last up to 350 to 400 puffs, varying on user & use.

How Many Colours Does The SOL Device Come In?
The device comes in one colour right now.

Do I Need A Special Charger For My SOL Vape?
No. Any Mini USB cable can be used to charge your SOL Vape.

Does the SOL Vape have a button you have to press to use?
No. The device does not have a button and is activated automatically when you inhale. You don't have complicated buttons & settings; just inhale & enjoy.

Can I vape while my SOL Vape is charging?
Yes, the device can be used to vape while it is being charged.



How much e-liquid is in each of the SOL pods?
Each of the SOL pods contains 1.5ml E-Liquid.

How many SOL pods does each replacement pack have?
There are 2 SOL pods in each 2-pack. And each of the SOL pods is 1.5ml, so the total e-juice in one 2-pack of SOL pods is 3ml. 

Do SOL pods use cotton or a ceramic coil?
The coil in the SOL pods is a specially designed ceramic coil to increase flavour of e-juice. This allows you to get a true flavorful experience. 

What nicotine level do SOL pods have in their e-juice? 
The nicotine level of the e-juice in SOL pods is 5% by volume or 50mg by weight.

What kind of e-juice is in SOL pods, nicotine salt (NIC Salts) e-juice, or regular nicotine?
The e-Juice in SOL pods is NIC Salts e-juice, which uses nicotine salts, to deliver a better flavorful experience.



Why do I sometimes get liquid in my mouth when I inhale SOL Vape?
The No. 1 reason for liquid coming into the mouth is because the SOL Vape battery is low. This means there is not enough power to vaporize the liquid & give you a puff. Simply charge your SOL Vape device, and this should be fixed! For more information, read How To Fix A Leaking SOL Vape.

My SOL Vape is not charging, what should I do?
Please try charging with another Mini USB cable.



How long does it take to ship?
All orders received before 4 pm Mountain Time Monday to Friday, are processed same day and sent out that same day. All other orders are shipped the next business day. 

How long is the standard shipping time take after an order has shipped? 
Once orders with standard shipping  have been picked up by Canada Post, it takes 1-5 working days to reach your address depending upon your location.  

Do I need to be home to sign for my delivery?
No, you are not required to sign.