New SOL Pod Device Starter Kit

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Vaping technology is continually improving. One of the latest inventions on the vaping market comes in the form of FEELM, a black ceramic conductor that guarantees a smooth vaping experience with no noise or leakage.

SOL FEELM coils are incredibly efficient, as they deliver up to 56% more nicotine compared to traditional coils. Additionally, you won’t get that burnt taste in your mouth, so you’ll be able to enjoy the full richness of every flavour.

SOL Pod Starter Kit Includes:

  • Rechargeable SOL Device
  • Micro USB Charger
  • User Manual

(SOL PODS Sold Separately)

How Does FEELM Technology Work?

FEELM stands for “Fresh Feel Metal Film”. The main purpose of FEELM is to use the latest technological innovations in order to improve the vaping experience and increase the general safety of vaping products.

FEELM technology uses a similar concept as the one of cooking. You have the heating element underneath, while the ceramic element on top of it serves as a pan that soaks up all the liquid. The heating element heats up the whole thing and creates a thick and flavourful vapour.

The black ceramic conductor evaporates the e-liquid more efficiently, meaning that every drop of the liquid is used and there’s no leakage or condensation whatsoever. Due to its unique design, FEELM technology prevents gravitational leakage. As soon as the liquid reaches the base of the ceramic coil, it is vapourized by the metal film.

The FEELM vape system delivers higher amounts of nicotine compared to traditional coil systems while being less harsh to your throat at the same time.

All this creates bigger vapour and increases the richness of every flavour, as well as create a more pleasant vaping experience.

The ceramic material is also very efficient in preventing the system from getting too hot, so you can stop worrying about burns or having that burnt taste in your mouth. Another big improvement is that the FEELM heating element heats up much faster, so you can feel the vapour as soon as you start pulling on the device.

Also, with traditional coils, it is common that you feel the vape production and the quality of the vape decreasing as the battery gets weaker. There’s none of that when you use FEELM devices, so you can expect the same performance regardless of how much battery you have left.

SOL FEELM Vape Device Features

The SOL FEELM device is very compact and easy to carry around. The device’s dimensions are 91.6mm x 20mm x 10.5mm, and its aluminum body weighs only 16 grams.

A 310mAh/3.7V battery powers the device, and it is safe to use it while it’s charging. SOL FEELM comes with low voltage protection and magnetic pod connection. The device is auto-activated, meaning you don’t have to turn it on or off — just vape!

What You Get When You Order the Full SOL FEELM Device Kit

Every SOL FEELM vaping device comes with a micro-USB charging cable and a detailed manual on how to properly use the device.

If you order the full kit, you will also get two 1.5 ml pack pods with flavours of your own choice. Browse our website to check out all the available replacement pod flavours compatible with our SOL FEELM vaping device, including raspberry, spearmint, tobacco, watermelon, and more.

Are you excited to try this new vaping gadget? Order the latest SOL FEELM device and replacement pods through our online store and get free delivery all over Canada!

Happy vaping!

Warning: You must be over the legal smoking age limit in order to purchase this device. Keep the device safe from children and animals and do not expose it to extremely low or high temperatures. SOL FEELM pods, batteries, and chargers are not be used with off-brand devices.