New SOL Vape Starter Pack (4 Flavors)


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The SOL Starter Pack Includes:

• 1 SOL FEELM Device
• 1 Tobacco 2-Pack
• 1 Spearmint 2-Pack
• 1 Watermelon 2-Pack
• 1 Raspberry 2-Pack

**We will replace your pod with Tobacco if any flavors are out of stock

One redemption per account.

Ratio: 50VG / 50PG
Ingredients: High Grade USP VG, PG, Concentrated Nicotine, Natural and Artificial Flavors.

Although it’s a relatively new product, the SOL device is already one of the best-selling vaping solutions on the market. With a high-quality vape device, a wide range of different flavors, and an affordable price, SOL should be your top choice if you want to quit smoking and switch to a cleaner alternative.

To save money and try as many different flavors as possible, your first purchase should be the SOL Vape Starter Pack that we now offer in our online pod store. With this pack, you will get a brand new SOL device in addition to four flavors that include spearmint, raspberry, watermelon, and tobacco.

SOL Vape Starter Pack Details

What exactly is included in this SOL Vape Starter Pack and why should you try it out?

The SOL device is an advanced vaping product with an elegant design. It was created after years of research and plenty of testing. Each device features an industry leading 350mAH battery that will last you throughout the day. When the battery does run out, you will simply charge it using the standard micro USB port. The pods are easily detachable and there are no leaks whatsoever.

The flavors you will get with this SOL Vape Starter Pack include spearmint, raspberry, watermelon, and tobacco. Each flavor is an original creation made by industry specialists from California.

The minty fresh spearmint is better than any menthol cigarette and will titillate your taste buds with each puff. If you seek something a little more fruity, raspberry should be your top choice. This succulent flavor is one of the most popular SOL products right now, and you will understand why once you try it out. 

The sweet watermelon is refreshing and light but has a strong enough throat hit to satisfy your vaping needs. While all these flavors are nice, you might feel that nothing can replace the good old taste of spearmint. The best cigarette alternative we have in our store is spearmint flavored pods that are also included in the pack.

The best thing about all of these flavors is that you don’t have to choose which one you want right away. The SOL Vape Starter Pack includes all four, so you can try them all and decide which one meets your vaping needs in the best way.

With each pack, you get two pods, and each pod contains 1.5 ml of pristine e-juice. So that’s a total of 3 ml per pack, which is much more than what you’d get with the competition like JUUL, for example.

SOL Vape Starter Pack Review

We already have plenty of satisfied customers who have tried this SOL pack and are praising the overall quality of the device and the flavors that come with it.

Check out our SOL Vape Starter pack review section below and see what other people had to say about this product. While you’re there, check out some of the other SOL pod flavors that we offer in our store and learn how to order your SOL products from Canada.